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Filmotech is a movie catalog software for movies on DVD, Blu-Ray, DiVX, CD, VHS and more. Filmotech is a freeware (but donations are welcome !). It's available for Mac and PC.

Dynamic Web PHP/MySQL publishing

Would you like to consult your movie's list, during a journey or from your friend's home? Would you like to allow your family to see your movie's database or to let your videoclub's members to consult it, or just for fun? With the dynamic publishing tool, your website is updated with a few clicks.

Search movie data on Internet

No need to enter all the information about your movies. Internet research (currently over 10 sites) allows you to easily and automatically fill in your database of movies.

Exporting to mobile devices and tablets

Take your list with you! Filmotech is available on iOS and Android. Export your database and you'll be able to access it on your mobile or on your tablet.

Cover printing

Have you recorded a movie from TV or Internet on a DVD, and you want to print the cover ? Thanks to the configurable printing module of Filmotech you can make cover for your boxes to DVD, CD, DVD ...

Lent management

Whom did I lend this movie? If you often ask this question, Filmotech will respond, as long as you have put the record to date!


How these films cost to me? How many movies of Comedy do I have? Who has borrowed to me the more movies? What is the size of the database? With the statistics module you will have the answer to these questions. And more ...

Print lists ans catalogs

You can easily print a list of movies, the list of outstanding loans, your movie catalog or a contact-sheet posters.


If you just want to make a backup of your database or create a new database, the import and export modules (XML, CSV and XBMC) are available.

Profiles management

If you have VHS, DVD and Blu-Ray for example, and if you want to manage it separately, it's ok. Filmotech manages different profiles which are assigned to databases and specific preferences. And with one click you can easily switch from one profile to another.


Find your movies in Filmotech easily, through the search box (Edit Mode) and lists of automated and configurable searches.

MAC and PC

Whether you are using the MAC version or the PC version, with a local database or a MySQL database, the databases are compatible and the software works identically on both systems.

Local and MySQL databases

You can use a local database (SQLite format) or use the power of a MySQL server. Filmotech handles both!

Check for updates

Keep up to date, Filmotech includes a version check module and let you know when a newer version is available.