Not all films are synced to the web

Hi everybody,

setting up the web publishing thing on my website (after a bit of try&error I finally figured it out. @Filmotech a step by step instruction on how to do this would be really helpful!), I encountered the following problem:

Not all of the films in my list are being uploaded/synced to my website. In Filmotech it says I have 189 films, my website says 184. When I hit the publish button, the console tells me 5 films are being added to my website. When I check my website, those 5 films are still missing. When I hit the publish button again, same thing: it says 5 films are being added, still nothing happens. 

Does anyone have any clue as to what this is about? Is it a bug maybe or could there be anything wrong with the database entries of those 5 films? I tried deleting and re-adding them, but that only helped in some cases.
I am on macOS Monterey, Filmotech v3.9.1.

Thanks everyone,


  • FilmotechFilmotech Administrator

    This should work as expected, perhaps a problem with data. Try to check "Force update", that will publish all your 189 movies again.

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