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Filmotech 3.10.0 BETA 2

FilmotechFilmotech Administrator


The second beta version of Filmotech 3.10.0 is available.

First thing to do before starting: Backup your Filmotech databases (File -> Backup)

Mac users: This is now an universal application (Intel & M1)

Mac App Store users: the version provided here is the web version. Preferences are not located at the same place, so you'll not retrieve your data directly.

Updated in beta 2:

[UPD] Added trailer in smart search

[FIX] Fixed disabled clicks in detail view
[FIX] Management of parentheses in the display of directors (as was the case for actors)

What's new in 3.10.0:

[NEW] https publishing
[NEW] Added chinese TMdb
[NEW] Added hebrew TMdb
[NEW] Chinese translation
[NEW] New app icon
[NEW] Universal macOS version

[UPD] CSV import / export is now done in UTF8 by default
[UPD] Added import of images in PNG
[UPD] Added media link in advanced search
[UPD] Block multiple launch on PC

[FIX] Fixed MovieCovers script
[FIX] Fixed wrong cover size calculation
[FIX] Fixed wrong column size when printing
[FIX] Fixed the potential closing of the main window after printing
[FIX] Fixed encoding format of the CSV export
[FIX] Removed parentheses from TMdb roles
[FIX] Added missing icon in internet search
Here are the links:

PC 32-bit PC Version:  Download
PC 64-bit PC Version:  Download
Mac Version :  Download

Happy testing and thank you for your participation smile



  • Question… i am interested to test your software to list my dvd and tv show collection (over 100 tb of data) but is it possible to create a field to find where the movie /tv show is stored? (Like HD TV #1 or HD Movie 2 etc) for the emplacement of the data?
    best regards from Quebec! 

  • FilmotechFilmotech Administrator
    Hello. You can use the "Reference" field for that purpose.
  • ngoanhducngoanhduc Member
    edited January 2022
    any update that Filmotech automatically detects the movie with same information?
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