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Introduction to web publishing

Hello everyone,

I would like to publish my database on my website. Is there a manual to understand how to publish I am using this server:



  • AntoineAntoine Moderator
    I am the designated volunteer to help people with publishing ;o)
    Could you please tell me what is your problem on it ?
  • I would like to know if there are any manuals or tricks available to help publish my updated database to a host.

    I want to have the database available to consult from mobile devices.

  • ctacta Member
    edited November 2020
    AFAIK Publishing works in two steps:
    First (and only once) you have to create a folder containing a framework to recieve/update data via the regular publishing process. You have to (manually) put this folder on your webserver (ftp, sftp or something else). Here you have to define at least a password to prevent unauthorized useres to access the framework via the API. Select the creation of the webpage, then it will create the php for the overview/detail pages as well.
    While publishing (what you do probably regulary) Filmotech will access your webserver via this API and the framework will create/update its local database and covers.
    Of course the created webpage is responsive so it is usable from mobile devices as well.
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