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mass download of IMDB

Hi, I have a list of 30,000+ titles that I need information for. I tried using your system and it needed manual intervention for every title.

Is there a way that I can simply download all information for all the movies and TV/shows? This will allow our internal system to pars through the data and match them to the titles we have. I believe your system can do it, but I don’t know how. How to set it up.  

If yes, could you please help me set this up?

I am welling to compensate you for your time and efforts.


  • FilmotechFilmotech Administrator

    You can't mass download data, but before clicking the "Internet" icon, you can select multiple lines, then the Internet search window will provide additional previous/next buttons, so you can update movie data and go to the next movie with our closing the search window.
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