[Resolved] "HTTP error 500 - Internal Server Error" When Publishing

Hi! I've tried publishing my catalog to my website, but I keep getting an "HTTP error 500 - Internal Server Error":

The files are uploaded to the server. I've tried with and without an Access Identifier (can I make it anything?). The folder is not protected by a username and password (.htaccess). I've created an SQL database and the name matches. The hostname, username, and password should all be correct.

What could I be doing be wrong?

In case it helps, my hosting is thru DreamHost.


  • I think I may have fixed it. I did a few different things, but I think the one that did it was replacing the curly brackets with regular brackets on line 154 of json.inc.php. Apparently curly brackets have been deprecated.
  • FilmotechFilmotech Administrator
    Thanx for sharing this issue.
    json.inc.php is old code for old PHP version. I really need to update this, since the file should not be used anymore.
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